Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Specials

*Meatlover's Omelette
(Three egg omelette with bacon, ham, sausage & provolone cheese topped with salsa) served with homefries, homefries or mini potato cakes and choice of toast)

*Raspberry Stuffed French Toast
(A raspberry cream cheese mixture sandwiched between two pieces of sourdough French toast topped with whipped cream)

*Pork Roll Bagel
(Fried eggs, pork roll & melted cheese on a toasted bagel served with homefries, hashbrowns or mini potato cakes)


*Baked Shepherd's Pie
*Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo

*Roast Leg of Lamb w/ Mint Jelly
*BBQ Ribs

Dinner Menu


Soups of the Day

Tuesday, August 4th

*Cream of Tomato
*Turkey Corn Noodle